Git Hub Pages— For Your Git Projects

Most of us or at least beginners learning to code and building projects that are at a very early stage might be pushing the changes to git hub. To view the progress made by you, The other person had the challenge of pulling a local version of the code from git. Not any more of download, cloning, or pulling to local and watch the progress just on local. Instead, the new exciting way if you want to share your git project is GitHub Pages.

All you have to do is go to GitHub and create a new public repository named, where username is your username on GitHub. Also, make sure the first part of the repository should exactly match with your username.

You will see a screen giving a success message

Excited to see this new change? Open the browser and hit the URL that has been published. You will see the magic and you can share it across. Need more on this? Go to to see all that we can achieve using git hub pages.

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